Our Unique Scents

A candle is nothing without a beautiful fragrance and here at Lumiescents we are obsessed with fragrances. There are so many candles on the market that smell the same as one another and that’s why we made it our mission to bring you a range of scents that you won’t find anywhere else. So much so that we have developed and blended a range of unique scents that you will only find in a Lumiescents candle, reed diffuser or wax melt. 

It’s time to take a fresh look and discover something new.


In the natural world there’s an inherent and profound beauty to be found almost everywhere you care to look from the vast oceans, forests and mountain ranges to the lakes, woodlands and gentle hillsides found in most countries of the world. This vast array of flora and fauna and geographical wonders are amongst man’s greatest riches. Even today there are so many undiscovered and unexplored gems which though known about and enjoyed by those who occupy those spaces remain unexplored by many.

These things hold true for our homeland of Scotland a Jewel of a country set between the Atlantic Ocean and The North Sea with the topography of both Highlands and Lowlands, liberally wreathed in over 790 offshore islands, large and small, each with its own individual character. This scatter of islands like a jewelled garland adorning Scotland’s coastline has a stunningly beautiful and diverse offering of some of the most pristine and astounding landscapes to be found in the world.

From the “Queen of the Hebrides” Islay, with its superb sandy beaches to the Golden Eagles & Peregrine Falcons of Eigg, to the stunning mountainous desolation of Jura and the basalt columns of Staffa majestically rising from the sea.

In our small way we have attempted to pay homage to the beauty and diversity of our homeland by naming our candles after islands.